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TITC 2012

     Wanna sit at Marc Rheinard’s chair? Well, this is the chance for you to do what I did. Here it is! The extraordinary, tenacious competition!

Thaland International Touring Car 2012

Photo: Thank you Mr. Rheinard for letting me use your chair and Mr. Jilles of Tamiya Racing Factory for fixing my Tamiya rc car.

     TITC is a one of the biggest race I’ve ever joined. This was a good start for this 2012. This is legend. This competition was a big experience to me. It helped me be the better me. It even made me sit at Rheinard’s chair without noticing!

TITC 2012 Youtube Video

     Now, I’ll give you tips. When you plan to attend one of these races, be very cool. If you wanna have fun, you should just watch the champs play and get excited. But if wanna be serious and aim for the best, well one thing’s for sure copy their setups and ask them to teach you how to drive the best.

TITC 2012 Photos

Please click on photo to see a larger image.
RC Car TITC 2012 LTCR Body Sakura Zero RC Car Sakura Zero TITC 2012 Brushless RC Cars F1 FF Mini Touring TITC 2012
RC Addict Race Track TITC 2012 RC Car Sakura Zero TITC 2012 Mini RC Car Gambada TITC 2012
Tamiya 417x Marc Rheinard TITC 2012 Team Tamiya TITC 2012 Tamiya 416 Jilles Groskamp TITC 2012

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