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Tamiya Asia Cup Finals 2011

     From this point, I was excited but nervousness come upon me. This was the first ever overseas competition I have ever done. This was a time for fun, excitement and eagerness.

Tamiya Asia Cup Finals Singapore TAC 2011

Photo: I finished 3rd in Jr. Stock and won a Tamiya Mazda RX-7 kit as prize. I won concours with my Hello Kitty body. Daddy finished 2nd in F1 class.

     The competition undergone many goods and bads. It is good that this competition was organized smoothly but undergone a lot of inequalities. But this doesn’t meant to be very bad because I was there happily cheering myself.

Video: I was the only female driver to join the competition. Happy to get on the podium and win a kit as a 10 year old girl.

     I was so tenacious and hunger for speed and eagerness. I was there before my competitors. I was there to fight no matter what inequalities happened.

     Now I am here to tell you the right attitude for this situation. First of all if you’re in a competition, cheer yourself up because if you don’t you might not have a good timing. It is important that you are happy all the time. But most of all it is important that you know what you can do.

TAC 2011 Singapore Photos

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