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The Tenacity of RC Cars

Tenacious R/C Cars 

     Here comes the fast and the furious! It’s tenacious. It’s passion. It’s the RC Cars! Now and forever more this is the best entertainment you can get.

     One thing’s for sure, it will give you motivation and tenacity. Its tenacity can make you the real you.


     Please sit back there in your chair and read on. And hope you get the best tips and motivations you can. Through the next pages, you will find some of my yearly experiences and competitions. These experiences can make you strive for the best and can even make you an upright person.

RC Car Competition

     There are many kinds of RC cars, so I suggest you pick a kind that will make you motivate, strive and achieve. But you know RC is not just for motivation and tenacity but also for socialization. It is important that you enjoy such a hobby because if you don’t you will not even have motivation and tenacity to it.

RC Socialization

Photo: This is one of the most important thing in RC, socialization and cooperation to each other can make a team. We are the team Philippines!

     So don’t forget to read all my tips and experiences before you buy that tenacious RC car at your local hobbyshop. It is good to know before you do.

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