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How Fast Do R/C Cars Go?

     How fast does the tenacious RC car go?! Well it is good to ask such question. It can go an unbelievable speed of about 50+ miles per hour which is incredible for such a toy. 

     Based on my experiences, the fastest cars can make you really strive for the best. Practice, rest and testing is needed to match the fastest drivers because one thing’s for sure they practice, rest and do testing everyday. So if you don’t have patience and motivation, it is hard to defeat them. I suggest you do this routine everyday if you really want to be invincible in racing.

RC Car Model Motor Speed
1/10 Touring Cars 540 Stock Mabuchi / Johnson 20+ mph
1/10 Touring Cars Modified brushless motors 50+ mph
1/10 Short Course Trucks Modified brushless motors 30+ mph
1/8 Monster Truck Nitro engine 35+ mph
1/8 - 1/10 Monster Trucks 12T electric motors 25+ mph
1/8 - 1/10 Monster Trucks Modified brushless motors 40+ mph
1/8 Buggy 4WD Modified brushless motors 50+ mph
1/8 Buggy 4WD Nitro engine 45+ mph
1/10 Buggy 2WD Modified brushless motors 35+ mph

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