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Airtronics / Sanwa MT4 Controller Review

Airtronics MT4 Radio Controller for Small Hands     Great. Cheap. I know this is what you want for a controller. Hello. This is Porsha. Did you come here to buy the Sanwa MT-4?. I am here to show you around. This best-selling Sanwa MT-4 is the best you can ever want for a controller. Personally, I have to 2 of them used recently in TITC 2012, the controllers of my Modified and 13.5 cars.


     This is a high class product and it is used by some professionals. This is a common controller among racers. It has a very good performance when racing. That’s why I just used it in TITC 2012.

Airtronics MT4 Review at TITC 2012 Race


     The benefits of this product is that it has a great quality with an affordable price. It has a great fit to our hands and can be adjusted when uncomfortability arises. It is also lightweight and very high tech. My driving skills improved when using Sanwa MT-4.

Comparison to Other Controllers

     Compared to other controllers, it has a better signal which reacts better than other brands. The Sanwa MT-4 is very far away from signal problems and breakability compare to other brands. Unlike other, this is very different from their design and manufacturing. Simply what you should buy.


     It has a telemetry system that can record data like the motor temperature, lap times and many more. It is has a modernized system which make it a lot more efficient than other brands. Very high tech isn’t it?

Buy It

From time to time, controllers nowadays are far away from high quality. This is because they want to sell cheap products that requires cheap and low quality materials.

Because of this great product, we can play R/C with a great smile. So let’s call to action and help spread this product’s name. Buy now! Just right at my site! Happy buying!

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